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2001 hockey team.pdf
Back Row L- R: Katherine Pintus, Chloe Allen, Kath Souter, Amy Sidebottom, Jenny McPhee, Meriel Armitage, Jenny Parr, Katherine Mitchell, Jessica Walker.
Front Row L- R: Rebecca Cooke, Lindsey Norton, Charlotte Greenwood, Janina Mould, Alex…

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Found in this week's Amazing Archives are drawings from the 1840s of the proposed Rossall School and the town of Fleetwood.
The original plans for the School look very different from how it actually turned out, as the focus was on building around…

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The minutes were from a meeting held on May 7th 1844 at The Bull Inn in Preston. This was the meeting that founded Rossall School as we know it. The meeting concluded that Rossall Hall was well adapted to become a school. It stated that the school…

Back Row L-R: Ian Salkeld, Richard Baldwin, Chris Butterworth, Guy Gatenby, David Blyth, Mark Easter, John Forrester, Adrian Roberts, Guy Cunnignham.
Front Row L-R: Alec Pickering, Simon Holmes, Grant Wilson, Joseph Lee, Toby Stephenson, Simon…

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This intricately designed booklet was made for the Jubilee Concert of 1894 celebrating the Schools 50th Anniversary.

The Jubilee lasted for three days and aimed to show off the School's prosperity and new buildings. Over 250 ORs and former…

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Discovered in this week's Amazing Archives are the two charters for the School from 1891 and 1958. The Charters were issued by Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II respectively.

The Charters outline the rights, aims and privileges of the School…

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Discovered in the depths of this week's Amazing Archives is the programme and press cuttings of the Royal Charity Ball Dinner and Cabaret, held at Rossall on Saturday 1st July 1989 in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Edward. The menu on the…

1987 swimming team.pdf

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