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This is a special magazine published in February 1910 to commemorate the Lighting of Rossall School (the School had previously been lit by gas). This magazine was published because Rossall was classed as 'one of the largest of British Public Schools,…

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This week's Amazing Archives has uncovered a silver printing plate from 1858, showing The Square as it looked back then. It is remarkable how different the School looked almost 160 years ago. his plate is an important piece of the School's history…

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George was a pupil at Rossall from 1902 until 1905 in Pelican House. His sporting prowess stretched far beyond golf, as he also played cricket for Warwickshire from 1907- 1921 and rugby for Middlesex in 1913- 1914.

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Sir Peter inherited the 1500 acre Rossall estate at the age of 23 in 1824 and lived in Rossall Hall. By this time The Hall was a sprawling Georgian style building with a gazebo in the garden and surrounded by a farm. The Hall remained in his…

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