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OR Cricket team 1910.jpg
This is a picture of the 1910 Old Rossallian Cricket Team. It was taken during their game against Beverley Town Cricket Club, and was recently donated to the archives by the club.
The Old Rossallian team travelled to the Yorkshire Town on 11th…

girls tennis.jpg
Team: Stacey Bell, Fiona Cooke, Nicky Wardle, Madeline Simpson, Jess Roberts, Jillian Kate Malone.

unnamed (4).jpg
This is a photo album that belonged to former pupil Antony Vernon Haigh. It was recently donated to the archives by his niece after she uncovered it amongst some possessions. Antony attended Rossall from 1924- 1927 in Maltese Cross House. He was a…

ILN Article.jpg
The article was written to celebrate the school's centenary, which had been postponed for three years due to the Second World War. To mark the special occasion the newspaper sent its artist Captain Bryan de Grineau to visit the school and give his…

Junior School Cricket 1986.pdf
Standing L- R: Olly Wadsworth, Tim Newbold, Aderele Adewale, Raphael Kunwar, Mark Barker, Ian Hawcroft, Tom Summersall.
Sitting L- R: Mike Hefferon, Nick Bell, Tom Picton, Chris Lagette, Anthony Hopkins.

This is a scrapbook of school photographs from 1930, recently unearthed in the Archives. The book was complied by OR Robert William Marsden who attended the school from 1927- 1932 in Mitre House. Whilst at school Robert was a member of the Football…

athletics programme.jpg
The summer term still plays host to many sporting fixtures both on and off campus. In this week's Amazing Archives, we found the programme from the Inter-School Athletic Sports Competition from 1939. The School still competes in this competition…

six of the best.jpg
This is a selection of memorabilia from the 1963 Junior School production of Six Of The Best. They were kindly donated by OR Simon Elliott (JS and SE 58-67). Among the items are a review of the play, Simon's script, the original programme and a…

Back Row L-R: Andrew Clark, Warrick Hayes, Johnathan Brown, Julian Osborne, Simon Holmes, -, -, Barry Evans.
Front Row L- R: -, -, -, David Indo, Spencer Page.

rose house 1970.jpeg
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