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james house 1983.pdf

Scrapbook from James House including a selection of annotated photographs, pupil lists, and posters.

House photograph of pupils and staff.

House photograph of pupils and staff.

House Photograph of pupils and staff

James House 1960 under Mr "Ted" Harrop seated next to Mr "JEM" Marshall. Mrs Harrop on the left and Matron on the right. I'm the blonde boy on the right in the row behind those seated. Charles Godfrey (4th from left in same row) has remained a…

Newsletters sent to parents from Jeremy Ward (James House) and Roger Leake (Osborne House) reporting recent and future events, sports fixtures and pupil achievements.

Back Row (left to right):
Casey Royce, Andrew Ma, Steven Gardener, David Hartley, Ian Swaine, William Towers, Peter Heald, Chris Simpson, Matthew Hesketh, Adam Rose, James Preston, Ryan Frayne, Robert Dinele, David Phoctomathinson, Tariq…

Back Row (left to right)
A. Tao, O.C.H. Pengelley, R.A.E. Bamber, M.B.E. Clark, B.J.M. Morris, D.R.O. Hawkins, S.V. Thomas, R.D. Jeffery, J. E. Mould, J.R. Walsh, C.D. Spear, H.E. Mitchell, C.E. Heaton, J. J. Hargreaves.
Third Row:
S.J. Ferber,…
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