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Field Marshall Auckinleck took the salute at the Centenary parade of the CCF in 1960. With him is Major L.H.Fallon a member of the Common room who taught french. Next is an OR who had left 12 months previously and went to Sandhurst, he was in Mitre…

Photographs of C.C.F. activities from 1983-7

Photographs of C.C.F. activities from 1980-83.

Photographs of C.C.F. activities from 1988-91.

Photographs of the C.C.F activities during 2001.

Photograph of the Pelican House boys who won the Corps Cup.

Photograph of the CCF camp at Windmill Hill, Lungerhall, Wiltshire. Photographs depict the Inter-schools Drill Competition.

Photograph of the RAF search and rescue helicopter visit at Rossall during the 1950s with Guntz Birtwhistle', one of the two ex-soldiers who managed the CCF under Major Fallon.

Photograph of a 1950s CCF Parade, inspecting officer was Air Marshal Wallace OBE.
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