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rose 2002- 2003.pdf
Back Row: V Ko, T Yip, N Reeves, V Zharova, S Siu.
Fourth Row: L Woods, A Topping, P Truong, D Barber, S Bone, I Granger.
Third Row: Y Yu, X Cao, Y Peng, C Wong, L Engels, L Klamp, S Seneadza, I Bundschuh, S Hornstein, L Wu, T Nguyen.
Second Row:…

rose 2001- 2002.pdf
Back Row: S Bone, P Troung, S Frost, J Wang, G Hu, S Qui, Z Mulroy, C Cha.
Fourth Row: A Tang, K Chow, B Hettlage, J uzshurat, A Lytle, C Diestel, A Liang, M Zhang, N Siu, A Hong.
Third Row: N Prasasti, T Nguyen, E Gallas, F Linge, A Lex, I…

rose 2000- 2001.pdf
Back Row: R Chan, S Frost, Z Mulroy, K Chow, N Lee, L Spink, N Yip, A Tang, J Nip.
Second Row from the Back: WY Lam, T Zaune, J Bunnemann, J Mitchell, M Bechdolf, F Linge, C Reckmann, C Rudholzner, I Kutscheid, E Gallas, L Wildt, J Sinnhuber, LN…

rose 1999- 2000.pdf
Back Row: Y Hinchcliffe, M Armitage, T Rogers, S Greetham, K Lekdee, K Domscheit, K Rogers, J Tholen, R Heald, L Wisch, A Campbell, E Strasser, K Souter, K Pintus, K Cheng.
Second Row from the Back: H von Leil, M Geigenberger, G Palfrey, A Ziegler,…

rose 1995.pdf

rose 1996.pdf

rose 1997.pdf
Back Row: H Grange, G Palfrey, R Heald, N Tchenkenskia, K Rudya, K Rodgers, A Campbell, S Greetham, J Rudkovska, V Green, G Tang.
2nd Row from Back: S Llyod, LP Jones, CB Gale, AS Hollenders, R Downs, C Westwell, K Meichsner, K Richardson, E Ma, L…

Outdoor pool (1).jpg

2001 hockey team.pdf
Back Row L- R: Katherine Pintus, Chloe Allen, Kath Souter, Amy Sidebottom, Jenny McPhee, Meriel Armitage, Jenny Parr, Katherine Mitchell, Jessica Walker.
Front Row L- R: Rebecca Cooke, Lindsey Norton, Charlotte Greenwood, Janina Mould, Alex…

unnamed (10).jpg
Found in this week's Amazing Archives are drawings from the 1840s of the proposed Rossall School and the town of Fleetwood.
The original plans for the School look very different from how it actually turned out, as the focus was on building around…
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