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Rose House 'End of an Era 1885 - 1989' Buffet Dance card, presenting reception details, music and a menu for the evening,

Itinerary of the Rose House Centenary Celebration weekend and booking form.

Spread Eagle House Photograph of pupils and staff.

Top Row:
Nicolas Croskin, James Ferguson, Roger Kwok, George Scott, David Ingham, Tom Allen, Thomas Woods, Roman Davydov, Josu Mortimer, Jack Bruck, Stuart Smith, Richard Maxwell
Second Row:
Webzel Pross, Mortiz Kress, Mussolini Schuster,…

Fifth Row:
J.O.Bell, S.J. Mawizk, R.J. Websiw, F.M. Bloy, A.J. Fish, J.A. Quit, L.P. Bevan, M.O.O Kitchen, M.E. Gabrial, M.J. Charata, J. Miles Mattudley, S.Z. Eve, J.S. Kennedy, G. J. Mannal, J.H. Pattish, D.G.H. Fish, M.D. Shirley, M.J. Gabrial,…

Theatre Programme of 'Grumpy' by Horace Hodges and T. Wigney Percyval, listing the cast of players, acts and stage staff.

A Christmas Card issued by Eagle House.

Mitre House theatre programme of 'The Ghost Train' by Arnold Ridley, listing the cast, scenes and stage staff.

Summer House Photo
Back Row (left to right)
N.J. Symons, S.E. Bennett, C.T. Harrop, D.J. Hamer, J.W. Davidson, B.R.J. Wilkins, T.M. Higson, D.J. Yates, D.M. Belts, J.P.G. Roberts, S.L. Jesson-Ward, T.J. Entwistle, J.E. Thompson.
Middle Row (left…

House photograph of pupils and staff.
Back row (left to right)
Ball M.R.O, Bell T.D, Got, M.J, Heck A.J, Key P.M.R, Jones R.K, Hamer J.E, Barlow T.W, Alitam R.C, Eguluz J, Haestrup K.G.A, Naqui I.N.I.
3rd Row (left to right)
Mould N.J, Ingham…
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